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Video Production & Live Streaming Events

Video is king these days, so if you business is not using video of some kind, you are missing out on reaching more of the right customers. With our current quarantine lifestyle, live streaming events are a way to continue to connect with your customers and open new avenues for income. Many are simply using Zoom to do this, but as a professional organization, it is good to consider taking that experience to the next level. A level that is more professional and pleasant for viewers.


Our partner company, vLiveCast offers live streaming video services that are professional, educational and a better way to connect with others and build your business.

Non-profit events, summits, educational series, interview shows and other business ‘shows’ are all part of what vLiveCast offers.

Visit for more details and a no cost consultation.


Bonzell Media can help you create a creative sizzle reel, product demonstration or experiential video to promote your business.

Each video can be transcribed to become a blog on your website, creating more content and help with SEO.

We can also turn an ongoing series of videos into a podcast.

Video is multi-purpose and can be chopped up into smaller pieces to be used in a variety of ways.

Contact us for a no cost consultation to discuss your ideas and goals for a video project.