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Authentic marketing strategies to empower and inspire.

We create powerful, authentic marketing strategies for passionate business owners, eager to strategically build their business, communicate authentically, become more empowered and inspire their customers.

What We Do

Bonzell Media & Marketing provides creative solutions for companies that are enthusiastic about what they offer. We get to the heart of our client’s passion, so that we can push out a powerful message that matches the company’s mission, to the correct target audience, using the appropriate marketing channels. By knowing what is most important to our clients and their customers, we can craft a Marketing Blueprint to follow, step by step.

Bonzell Media & Marketing offers full strategic implementation via project management with third-party sourcing. By using third parties, we are able to reduce our overhead, provide the services that our clients actually need, and that will be done correctly by experts.

Our clients feel empowered and confident that our marketing strategies are truly working. We help build their business with integrity, respect and authenticity and within budget for attainable, realistic results.


Consulting for effective marketing strategies


Consistent branding strategies


When, where and how to be cost effective

Social Media

Strategic planning, branding and design


Planning, production, execution

How We Do It



This is a one to two hour, in-person session, where we will delve into your business philosophies, core values, current strategies and where you would like to be with the business at different time markers.


We perform our own research on your online presence, social media engagement and messaging. Taking that information and what we learned at our Discovery Session, we will evaluate the concepts and your current marketing strategies to see where there may be room for improvement, changes or additions.      


Based on the information from the Discovery Session and Evaluation, we will craft a Growth Blueprint for your business. This will provide a step-by-step  blueprint for you to follow, with strategies designed for immediate use, and planning for three, six and twelve month markers.


Here is where the accountability comes in. A great plan will do little for your business if it isn’t implemented. You will be expected to do “homework,” and we will work with you to help facilitate getting tasks done, as well as project management for larger strategies and initiatives.


We work with you to brainstorm creative solutions for marketing your business authentically to meet the goals you have set and markers for performance.


We work with a variety of creative companies to help you succeed when implementing your blueprint. They are pros in their areas of expertise, so you know it will be done right. We work closely with those experts as we manage your larger projects.

Generating New Ideas. Solving Problems.

Working honestly and authentically with our clients, we help get them pointed in the right direction with a comprehensive plan to start implementing step by step. In order to improve or move forward, we ask our clients to make some changes, and tough decisions with a little risk and faith.

I am so impressed with Sue’s energy and creativity! She is passionate about helping local businesses thrive and I really enjoy working with her. I appreciate her expertise with radio advertising and imaginative strategies for our business.

Pedy Lawson

Owner, Pedy's Petals, Santa Rosa

I thoroughly enjoy working with Sue Bonzell. I have welcomed her positive and creative spirit in addressing our marketing strategies. She truly cares about the success of my business and our community.

Will Seppi

Owner, Costeaux, Healdsburg

Sue to the rescue! She is always willing to step up and help with promoting our business. She has creative ideas about how to market us in a fun way and we really appreciate that.

John Timberlake

Owner, The Final Edition, Santa Rosa

Why we are different

We love helping our clients build momentum with creative strategies and by infusing their own personal mission and “why” into their marketing solutions. We feel it is important to help our clients embrace an authentic voice in their marketing messaging. Our greatest joy is connecting with our clients, giving them confidence to move forward and helping them successfully build their business to the dream level they desire.

Let’s Start Something New
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If you would like to learn more about how we can help you build your business with authenticity and creativity, please get in touch! We look forward to meeting you!

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